Catalina Cafe

Featuring specialty coffee drinks, teas, breakfast sandwiches and fresh pastries, Catalina Café is the place to start your morning at Naples Bay Resort. Open daily, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Catalina Café also features a variety of sandwiches for lunch or an afternoon coffee break.

In addition to fresh brewed coffee and espresso, the Catalina Café at Naples Bay Resort features a menu of specialty coffee drinks, highlighted by our signature lattes, served hot or iced.

Catalina Café is not your ordinary Naples coffee shop or café. Catalina Café sources coffee from around the world with quality in mind. Through the Specialty Coffee Association of America, we have built relationships with responsible importers, such as Thrive Coffee Farmers and Campesino Specialty Coffee. This ensures the farmers and workers are paid what they are deserved.

Catalina Café Menu

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Coffee & Tea

Drip Coffee -- S: $2.50 M: $3 L: $3.50

Hand Poured Coffee -- $4

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee -- S: $3.50 L: $5

Mazagran -- lemonade and cold brew concentrate
S: $3.50 L: $5 

Espresso Drinks

Cubano -- $3

Cortadito -- $3.50

Macchiato -- $3

Cappuccino -- $3 

Latte -- S: $4 M: $5 L: $6

Café Con Leche -- S: $4 M: $5 L: $6

Americano -- S: $2.50 M: $3 L: $3.50

Espresso Shot -- $2

Signature Lattes

Our syrups and caramel sauce are made in-house; available hot, iced or blended

Coconut Mocha -- dark chocolate, coconut
S: $5 M: $5.50 L: $6

Caramel Vanilla -- homemade caramel, vanilla
S: $5 M: $5.50 L: $6

Catalina Mocha -- dark cocoa, white chocolate
S: $5 M: $5.50 L: $6

Zoe’s Revenge -- white chocolate, tiramisu
S: $5 M: $5.50 L: $6

Nutty Natalie -- dark chocolate, hazelnut
S: $5 M: $5.50 L: $6

Mr. William -- white chocolate, honey, vanilla
S: $5 M: $5.50 L: $6


Variety of green, white, black and herbal teas

Hot or Iced -- $3

Chai Tea Latte -- S: $5 M: $6 L: $7

Substitute Soy, Coconut or Almond Milk -- $1


Meat, Egg & Cheese -- bacon, sausage or turkey, egg and cheese, served on bread, bagel or wrap

Egg & Cheese -- egg and cheese (provolone or cheddar), served on bread, bagel or wrap
$6 (Add tomato / +$.50 )

Breakfast BLT -- bacon, romaine, tomatoes, cream cheese, served on ciabatta or whole grain bread.

Lox Bagel Sandwich -- lox (salmon), cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, red onions, served open-faced on everything or plain bagel
$10 (Add avocado / +$2 )

Bagel with Cream Cheese -- choice of bagel with whipped cream cheese

Catalina Quiche -- fresh vegetables, meats and cheese


Served with your choice of seasonal fruit salad or kettle chips

Catalina Turkey Bacon Club – Boar’s Head turkey, bacon, romaine, tomatoes, mayo, served on whole grain bread

Pressed Grilled Veggie -- seasonal grilled vegetables with tomato, pesto, goat cheese, served on ciabatta

Turkey Brie Raspberry – Boar’s Head turkey, brie, raspberry preserves, served on ciabatta

Tuna Melt on Whole Grain -- tuna blended with celery, onion, and spices, served open-faced with tomato and melted cheddar

Kaldi Salad – mixed greens, candied pecans, goat cheese, grapes

$9 (add turkey / +$2)