Americans with Disabilities Act Accessbility Compliance Overview

Naples Bay Resort offers the following features:

  • On arrival to the resort: if accessing the resort by Porte cache there is valet service available for parking, two (2) handicap parking spaces that are located to either side of the resort entry area; if accessing the resort by garage, there is two (2) handicap parking spaces located on either side of an elevator that leads to the lobby level.
  • All parking spaces are van accessible.
  • Parking lots are well paved and entrances consist of either double doors that open easily (or with doorman) or 36" doorways - to access elevator landing.
  • Four (4) additional handicap parking spaces are provided at the flat lot in front of building three for access to guest room and suites located in this building.
  • Check-in is conveniently provided at the concierge desk and is located across from the front desk and is available to assist guests with inquiries.
  • The elevators are wheelchair accessible for access to guest rooms, suites and meeting facilities.
  • All accessible guest rooms and suites are equipped with 36" wide doors at entry and have grab bars in the bathrooms - see accommodations page for more specific information.
  • Shopping and dining are located ground level at The Hotel surrounding the Marina which offers ramp accessibility to the docks for boat and kayak rentals.
  • Resort Recreation Area offers facilities that are all ground level, entry doorways consist of double doors or 36" wide doorways. There are two (2)handicap parking spaces both with van accessibility located near the entry.
  • Fitness center offers the following: 36" wide aisle ways, with 48" clearance surrounding each weight machine, locker rooms, steam and sauna are all wheelchair accessible with 36" door or hall ways.
  • Pool Area: each pool offers a lift for pool access. In addition main pool is zero entry. We are considered a multi-spa facility, jacuzzi located behind main pool offers transfer wall for easy access.
  • Hotel Pool: located near the Marina area, also offers a lift for pool access as well as one at the jacuzzi.
  • Cottage Pool(s): located at The Club offers a lift for pool access.